98% Doomed for Failure based on Their Beliefs

You have to change your thinking first, and then the evidence appears. Our big mistake is that we do it the other way around. We demand to see the evidence before we believe it to be true.

Understanding, knowing how, knowing what to do is insufficient for producing success. If you pay any attention to what you ‘already know’, you know this is true. We have been taught what to think and what to believe. Those that are willing to set aside all of their beliefs discover that is the only problem to solve.

He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice. – Albert Einstein

Once you begin to notice how much of what you saw is false or what a difference what you see and are able to do differently once you begin changing what you believe [you may always change it back at any time], the playground becomes enormous! 

thinkingISlimitationsYou may be asking, “How do I change what I believe?”  The first step is realize all you have now are sets of assumptions you hold to be true.

In the assumptions from which you are asking the question, you allow for no truthful answer to the question. The words you use reflect your assumptions accurately, and given your assumptions, there’s no solution to the problem. One cannot solve the problem in the system you are using. In fact, that system is the problem. – Werner Erhard

The first place to look is the questions you ask yourself. Can you ask different questions that produce new answers or better yet, new questions!?



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I grew up in Minnesota. Joined the US Navy and spent a lot of time underwater aboard submarines. After retiring from the USN I spent most of the next 20+ years in telecommunications and the last 10 studying, working and improving as a Network Marketing Professional. I have a knack for knowing where to find the forgotten, lost and used-to-be-worth something. Putting buyers and sellers together with customer service and the glue, attention to detail, is where I shine. The essence of all communication is intention. The opportunity, the real one, allowing someone to say no without no meaning anything is the only way yes makes any difference. When I realized 'design' creates 'results' I found living from happiness instead of for happiness. Ask me about having everything you want easier than you think, faster than you expect, and more fun than you can imagine. It is NOT a secret.

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