You Earn Instant Income or Failure

Instant income is required or the path only leads to failure! It has been ten years since I was ‘employed’ and yes, living ‘on vacation’ is a struggle at times.  Most people earn less than they require even when working a job. What have I discovered the last ten years that I can count on as true?

If your family and friends cannot support you, why would strangers?

If ‘free’ advertising worked, there would be no paid advertising.

You cannot teach rocks to talk.

Clearly, the goal, regardless of whatever you call your program, is to add money to your month as soon as possible. What works for you is all that really matters and anything that might work for anyone else is marketing.

Home based business in almost all cases is for the employed in the job world!

Stop putting yours down the drain. Learn how to earn before you spend a dime.

Stop putting yours down the drain. Learn how to earn before you spend a dime.

Much of what is out there for people who have a job is only the addition of tax benefits from a home business that increases their immediate take home pay.  If you do not have a job, the ability to make any MLM type business work is more unlikely.  Even with a job, data suggests it is a waste of time, energy and money for more than 95%.  The programs all use the same basic design and share the same paltry numbers. 4.7% of MLM distributors earn $500 or more a year.  That is before expenses.  If you dig deep into the required disclosures you discover that the percentage of people earning $5000 or more per year [before expenses] from any MLM is about 8% of the 4.7% number… 00.00376%!!!  Tell me; is that a worthwhile risk of your time, treasure and energy? The percentage earning over $25,000/year [before expenses] is 2% of the 4.7% for a whopping 00.00094%, in other words you have less than one chance in1,000 of earning money in a normal home business designed on MLM/DSA/DRA ethics.  Another way to say it, you will have to sponsor and recruit about 1000 people to likely succeed at any MLM program.

The numbers of people who go through all the trouble to acquire a real estate or insurance license finds only 5% paying for the second year’s license and they never return to that industry. These numbers are consistent in every US state since the 1950’s. Half of those who stay leave within five years.  This is a ‘USA’ paradigm by the way.  There are programs that do have an 80-90-99% success rate.  The main difference is those who enter guarantee their success and those who accept them into those programs support that commitment completely.  

Which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he [or she] has enough to complete it? Luke 14:28

I suggest the primary, if not the only reason for failure, is not counting the total nojobcost before beginning.   The beliefs we hold for reducing the cost are marketing and mythical in nature.  Following your passion, enjoying what you do will only work if someone is willing to pay you for it.  Even if you have all the costs handled, three essentials must be in place.  The vehicle must work for all those qualified.  A consistent 95+% failure rate suggests either a defectively designed vehicle or a willingness to use it as a sifting and sorting machine to find the few qualified to run the machine successfully.  You have to participate in the income producing actions of the program. No amount of education, understanding or observation makes any difference until AFTER you realize a level of success.  You will not learn to ride a bicycle unless you are on one that actually works.  Most important is you need someone to help you achieve who is more committed to your success than you are.  Someone who will not let you quit, especially one-step from success.

Two attitudes guarantee failure and make you unqualified to begin even in a 100% successful program.  If you are only willing to try, please do not waste your time, energy and money. You will only have a chance to learn something about failing.  If you are committed to doing your best, again you will fail. Eventually your best will not be enough to keep you on the quest.  Part of the cost is to do whatever it takes to succeed. There are some paths currently offered that I suggest have zero chance at succeeding even operating from doing whatever it takes.  Both paths I am familiar with personally.

MMM04Many purchase an opportunity with no money budgeted for operating and running the program. Many assume that time is money and use no cost methods to find people to purchase their offer.  If no cost advertising worked, there would be no paid advertising.  The number of people who use no cost programs who may be open to your message who have any money is nearly zero. They are all like you, sellers selling to sellers. They are broke from a purchase and have no money set aside to build and run a business just like you.  Your sponsor hopes you get lucky but is looking for the next person to keep his or her business afloat with the ‘fast start’ bonus.  Eventually, you either quit from frustration or decide you need to spend money to earn money.  However, spending money on low and no yield strategies and tactics, that only make someone else rich, produces a more expensive failure.  If your sponsor had a successful program, you’d be doing what successful people do and you would be successful. Eventually most people with any integrity quit because they cannot help themselves or anyone else, or they blame themselves or they blame a corrupt system for their lack of success.  It does not have to happen to you.

First, you must do an inventory of your time and your money. What can you afford to spend on any project?  You will need to know both. Then you must know the total cost of the project to insure success.  Will you pay it once you have collected the money? The skills developed in a well-designed $10-50 program will translate into any other successful program.  A well-designed program will provide you a future source of working relationships that may follow you providing you support them in their success.

If you are working for an IBM, an Amway or a Clickbank, you get a portion of the margin and you are last in the order payment transactions occur.  If you own the products, you are the first one paid.  Congruent high value and high margin products appear to be a common theme of all successful organizations.  They pay their owners instant income!

inspire2Find a vehicle you can afford and commit to operating it successfully. Opportunities suggesting an early advantage or the shiny new opportunities with no history usually fail.  Programs two years old or older have a record of accomplishments.

If it doesn’t come with a mentor/coach who is more committed to your success than your own, find someone who is to supplement the sponsor or look for another vehicle. 

Trust your gut and listen to your heart. Your mind only alarms on the perceived negatives, on the unknown. Knowing all the information will not make any difference until AFTER you are driving it on your own.  You need to know what the few actions are that produce income and go into action.  Anything worth doing is worth doing lousy or worse to begin.  Experience makes experts.  Experts have time and money to do what they want. That is lifestyle.

About Iceburner

I grew up in Minnesota. Joined the US Navy and spent a lot of time underwater aboard submarines. After retiring from the USN I spent most of the next 20+ years in telecommunications and the last 10 studying, working and improving as a Network Marketing Professional. I have a knack for knowing where to find the forgotten, lost and used-to-be-worth something. Putting buyers and sellers together with customer service and the glue, attention to detail, is where I shine. The essence of all communication is intention. The opportunity, the real one, allowing someone to say no without no meaning anything is the only way yes makes any difference. When I realized 'design' creates 'results' I found living from happiness instead of for happiness. Ask me about having everything you want easier than you think, faster than you expect, and more fun than you can imagine. It is NOT a secret.


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