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I am Changing my LinkedIn Behavior. Interested?

March 2015 I sent that subject heading to all my first level connections. What follows are my monthly notes..

We have been first level connections here for a short while or a long while. Socializing is not networking. I admit I have done very little of either. For ten years, I have perhaps socialized more and garnered contacts without any thought about what was next. It is time for me to change.

I have been unemployed for over ten years and earning income from home, I have learned immensely from the drama and the failures. My wife says I have three PHD’s in what doesn’t work. The successes are more frequent these last six months. I am looking for ways to support others when I can and find those who want to network for our mutual advantage and prosperity.

I will keep you informed in the month’s ahead, sending one of these emails monthly and in a rare instance two. If you’d prefer not to have any, let me know and I will make it so. Your response is requested and welcome. How could I be of service or assistance to you? What are you looking for that you have not found that would make all the difference? [I have knack in this area.]

April 2015 I asked

What is More Important than Time?

Thank you for reading this edition of my LinkedIn journey.  If you would prefer I did not send these let me know. The more I discover the more I find I do not know.  I wonder if that is a reason so many stop their discovery process.  Living inside a myth is easier.

I have accomplished many successes over the course of my life and the most profound and rewarding happened quickly without any struggle or effort on my part. The common refrain that success comes by hard work and persistence is a large lie in my view. Good for keeping employees nose to the grindstone. Discovering what I do best and learning how to delegate the rest has been my focus. What is the source of effortlessness in this moment? My greatest successes happened while operating as an employee however.   That period is no longer available to me and for millions of others worldwide.  I have reached the place where it is clear to me that what it takes to succeed now is entirely different from what it took to succeed as an employee. While many of the ‘rules’ for success may be similar and apply in all cases, principles if you will, there is much I have yet to discover. 

I have determined three simple conditions are essential for my success.  One is the beliefs I view the day provide what is possible for me to achieve. Limiting beliefs or worse, incongruent opposing beliefs produce failure. When I cannot set aside a belief and replace it with another, even for just a moment, I am stuck. 

Two is clarity comes from simplicity and enables focus.  My daily ‘doing now’ list is short and replaced the long to ‘to do’ list I used to beat myself up with every evening.

The most important condition for effective action and accomplishment, for success daily is not time nor is it a set of skills I must continue to master. It is not intention, passion, bliss, or effective goal setting. All are useful but without one condition present make no difference. It is not in any of the courses I have taken over the last thirty years on leadership and dozens of other useful experiences. Concepts are always different from reality. When I have ‘this’ everything I do works. Without enough of ‘it’ I fail. This was useful as an employee but not essential to my day-to-day successes.  What is it?  If you know or want to know reply with your best answer.  I will respond shortly.  I will provide your ‘answers’ in my next mail and my newest investigation point, my answer, as well.

May 2015 I saw..

One Condition Makes THE Difference

Thank you for being a first level connection at LinkedIn. Last month I had dozens of wonderful answers to, ‘What is more important than time?’   We see and think inside a limited set of answers and having the correct answer is paramount.  I personally believe multiple-choice and true false thinking limits our worldview. 

We celebrate width rather than depth, instant response more than considered reflection. We skim the surface, skipping in and out for brief moments rarely remaining for long anywhere. Attention spans are getting shorter. We live our lives seldom pausing to consider whom we are, who we really want to be or where we really want to go.  I recently listened to a Zig Ziglar conference recorded in 1982 and the last part was on building energy reserves.

I have a few courses on ‘empowerment’ and I will revisit some of them.  I am interested in ‘energy’!  When you have energy in excess, you get almost everything needed doing done. When you are low energy, a fly can be annoying.  The energy that pulses through us is physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. All four dynamics are critical, none is sufficient by itself and each profoundly influences the others.

As I shift my focus to my energy stores, taking on new challenges is different. Knowing how much ‘gas’ I have in my tank and the range it affords has changed my ‘driving’ habits.  Keeping the tank full, adding to it instead of letting circumstance drain me dry is a different method to learn.  Do you know anyone teaching it?

Exercise, eating, thinking, organizing tasks, who I engage and how I participate with a focus on how all of them affect my energy is a new way of engaging the day.  Saying what I am going to do and doing it, especially as I tell myself, makes keeping my promises to me easier. I gain energy when I do and lose even capacity when I do not.

What are some ways you might add energy to your day?  I will begin a blog series on this topic too.

June 2015 continued 

Energy Insights.

A little over five years ago I was studying information about the Amygdala, lizard brain and monkey mind. Were they the same or different aspects of the mind? If you have ever caught the mind chatter you hear and see how close you pay attention it is a wonder we ever accomplish what we set out to do.  A friend of mine recommended Maria Nemeth’s book “Mastering Life’s Energies”. I bought the book and the Kindle version too. No other book in my collection has that distinction.

I did not read it for the ‘energy’ the title offers Mastery.  My focus at the time was learning more how the mind works and finding ways to watch the processes.  The unconscious, subconscious and conscious minds are merely tools we have.  Believing you are one or more might limit your potential. Along the way, I saw that the mind is a multifaceted alarm system, capable of remarkable feats. Do not use the mind for making decisions.  As long as you see your mind as you, that is impossible. 

I reread Mastering Life’s Energies. Amazing what I left untouched.  Maria Nemeth says ‘Luminosity is clarity, focus, ease and grace in action.  Luminosity and fun appear the same for me.  In that zone, energy is limitless and infinite.  This suggests that efforting, hard work, discipline for disciplines sake may be counterproductive.  I can’t recommend the book more highly and I’ll share more next month. 

When do you find yourself experiencing clarity, focus, ease and grace all together? Is it on purpose or accidentally.  Or is it worse, never?

July 2015 I asked,

What Generates Action?

The last couple of months we looked at the source of ‘energy’ and I see that, where focus goes energy follows.  What you look for you find.  I am going to look for the source or sources for taking action.  I am interested in a kind of leadership unrelated to leadership by fiat.  I intend to discover a way to enroll leadership in the moment. 

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. – Lao Tzu

There appears to be a myth that it only takes a ‘mustard seed’ of some stuff and “IT” happens.  My experience tells me there is zero required of something else first.  What I find keeping me stopped is hesitation, uncertainty and doubt.  For all three the mind is source.

Current research I have read suggest the subconscious makes all the decisions and that means my achievement level is set in stone before I begin.  That isn’t even the bad news!  Listening to ‘motivational material’ that runs counter to the unconscious blueprint may be harmful and only sets the unconscious more resolute.  The unconscious ‘decides’ at least seven seconds before the conscious mind even knows what is happening. Our conscious mind only ‘believes’ it is in control.  Will power is pure myth in this research.   Their solution is to redesign your blueprint replacing old habits with new ones.

Is any of that true for you? Who rebuilds themselves one new habit at a time?  Who totally alters their internal mind blueprint?  Good luck with that.  Since the mind is the source of hesitation, uncertainty and doubt, why would you allow your mind that much control and say over you…unless you believe that you are your mind and what you think?  If you cannot change what you think you cannot change anything.  If you make no distinction between ‘thinking’ and having thoughts are you even paying attention?

As long as your mind, any part, portion or cell, makes any decisions for you, ever, you are doomed. The mind is not to be in charge, to make decisions or to be the ‘master’ of your fate.  The mind as your servant is a friend and grants every ‘wish’ you desire.  Where is there no hesitation, uncertainty or doubt?  What is your ‘thinking’ on the matter?

I want to know!

August 2015

A Success Formula of Two Minus Two for Breakthrough

Last month I ended asking, “Where is there no hesitation, uncertainty or doubt?”  I looked at that question every morning and discovered after many days wondering, I have ignored and tended to forget my successes while spending too much time wondering about the failures. 

Energy flows where attention goes.

The successful times came to an end of course followed by times I compared unfavorably to the ‘wins’.  I now notice two things present and two things missing from my ‘successful’ experiences.

I discovered early, before I ever attended school, that being happy for no reason worked.  Sometimes that ‘pilot light’ has gone out and I have been less than kind.  I practiced the AAA or 7Aw for a while, agitate, aggravate and annoy always and all ways.  When the pilot light stays on I wake up into a bubble of happy every morning and that light keeps the other burner I call ‘desire’ charged and ready.  I spent hours reading Haanel and Hill not convinced their view of ‘burning desire’ or at least my interpretation of their explanation of ‘burning desire’ is true.  When success was a day-to-day adventure, desire was in the Goldilocks range, not too much, not too little, just right.  I wanted ‘it’ such that a natural mastermind operated with whom I was working.  It was part of normal; there was nothing difficult or hard for the accomplishments to take place.  An ongoing effortlessness was present.

Perhaps more important and no less important were the two items missing, justification and doubt.  I did not, nor was I asked or required to justify the cause of each individual success or the sidetracked missteps and breakdowns that happened.  There was no doubt that each event led to an eventual success and often string of successes.   The ‘win’ was inevitable and the groups’ perspective and perceptions fed into the success taking anything less as fuel for fruition.

I did not know at the time, what I was doing exactly [or not doing] for the events to work.  In the days ahead, I will spend more time transferring the glow of those times into the present and future endeavors looking for ways to stock desire and a kind of ‘notorious happiness’ that eliminates doubt and justification.

What are some of your examples of what was present during your most successful times?

September 2015

I am excited about the remainder of this year. The last few months have proven fruitful and each mornings wonderment, ‘there is something I do not know, the knowing of which could change everything’, continuously finds ‘something’.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. – e. e. cummings

I apologize for the times I too have promoted the world’s homogenization. I have looked for the ‘one thing’ that would make all the difference when what makes a difference is working with what each of us does best. Whether cooperation, organization, or mastermind, my goal is to build and create a group where everyone may succeed quickly and on his or her terms.

We are building multiple streams of income quickly, weeks instead of years, and we are still in formulation. Everyone could use an extra $200-$500 profit in the next two to twelve weeks. It won’t happen for most people on their own. I can’t happen with the usual methods offered without employment and most people would love to have a job but they are not to be found. I suggest you investigate this link. It is going to be an exciting remainder of 2015.


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  1. Thanks for the contact and information from above – I’ll look at the videos below – There are a few times when I’m in a spiritual or mental flow – things come to my mind from a higher sphere and when I act upon them – always better things happen beyond my power to do and perform – they are becoming less and less rare – when I’m prepared and in tune – both things are needed –
    For example – in the scriptures there are many examples of this – when the apostles asked where they would get the money to pay the taxes – christ commanded them to catch a fish and look inside its mouth – a gold coin would be there and they would with that coin pay the taxes – they did all of the above – with me its often much less dramatic things – like being in the right place at the right time and asking a question to this person and finding out valuable information that you needed – or getting information from an individual – whom you are talking with and receiving impressions that – were beyond the mortal words – which when followed lead to things that were not seen or heard but felt and understood – – do me a favor would you?
    Look at the four marketing sites I have and let me know which one appeals to you best – they are as follows –

    Thanks again – for the contact and partial inter action – its never complete until we are face to face with one another – You have helped inspire me to – change the direction of the book I am working on – it will help people I hope to see the hand of God in there lives –

    Roger @

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