Education is key. Whatever position you are in now you can improve it with education.

Education is Key!

To your right are a number of places I recommend you begin.

To the right is Global Freedom Strategies, a Sovereign Life. Acquire the no cost information to begin. David MacGregor keeps the reports current. The ability to live your life as your choose is more difficult every year. Click the banner to see the reports now.

Click the Millionaire Mind Intensive. The course is available in numerous locations throughout the year. Put yourself in the room and you will have your money ‘thermostat’ reset to whatever number you choose. If you have ever wondered why the money you earn just doesn’t stick take the course for free and you will be on your way.

If you are a US citizen you are required to pay income taxes regardless of where you live on the planet. No other country requires such an accounting. The “Land of the Free” is actually all slaves. Most people I know are willing to pay much more income tax than they have to because they are afraid. Home Business Tax Savings is a site that provides all the information on how to legally reduce your income taxes to the lowest possible amount.

The IRS site is filled with useful information. If you live outside the USA there are additional rules. If you are thinking about moving, have moved or interested in the differences here is publication 54 the US IRS tax guide for living abroad.

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It will take another two years, working 15 hours a week on your home business, to replace a typical job income. This is also for those who are go it alone types. With team effort replacing a jobs income can be done in months and usually less than a year. Your job may be more fun now that you have breathing room. How do you know what to do? I recommend you do what you do best and learn to delegate the rest. Solves it ALL!!

Let’s connect here and I will share a great place to begin IF it fits you.

Social media is a wonderful way to meet new people when you are online. If you already are using Twitter or Facebook or a dozen plus other sites you know. I use social media and click the banner below to follow me easily now.




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