The Abe Lincoln Myth or the End of a Republic

The USA celebrates Abraham Lincoln this time every year. He ‘fits’ into the scheme once you realize what it is. Part of my education as a child was to read the tales about ‘Honest Abe’ when I attended government schools … Continue reading

Who are the Good Guys? Who has Integrity?

I have been waiting to see if Tony Rush and Gene Braxton were going to offer any explanation or response. If you guessed none, you are correct but I have given them a chance. I was able to reach Tony … Continue reading

Missed the “Rabbit” and layed more ‘track’

Bullwinkle said “I think I need a new hat.” I know there is a rabbit here somewhere. I’ll continue looking over the weekend. In the meantime let me share the place to leave all of your upsets, especially regarding marketing … Continue reading